SSS® Jaguar 20R Micro Rider Scrubber - 20", 130 AH

SSS® Jaguar 20R Micro Rider Scrubber - 20", 130 AH

Item # 86014

  • Heavy-duty performance in a compact design. The sleek 20" machine is highly maneuverable to clean in tight areas as well as larger areas.
  • Brush/Pad diameter: 21"; Brush/Pad Pressure: 51 lbs.
  • Brush motor: 0.6 hp, 450 W; Vacuum motor: 0.5 hp, 400 W
  • Waterlift: 48"; (2) 12V, 130 AH Wet batteries included
20", 130AH AH, ea
Manufacturer Part #86014

One touch operator control display is intuitive and simple to operate. Cleans tiled floors, vinyl, sealed wood, marble, concrete and other surfaces. On-board charger included.


  • Easy to use mechanical lift systems for brush deck and squeegee.
  • Speed reduction safety technology automatically slows down the machine when operator lifts off the acceleration pedal suddenly or pushes the emergency stop button.
  • Manual brush head and squeegee lift mechanisms eliminate costly repairs.
  • Superior ergonomics allows the operator to be comfortable for extended lengths of time.
  • Standard USB port makes it convenient to charge smartphones and other devices.
  • Rear mounted hook to hang squeegee assembly.
  • Pad and brush included.
  • Premium Linatex squeegees are 95% rubber which provides superior recovery.
  • Front bumper, strong main frame and heavy-duty aluminum squeegee frame.


  • Working Speed: 3.4 MPH
  • Climbing Capacity: 10 degrees
  • Squeegee Width: 28.7"
  • Battery Run-Time: 3-3.5 hour
  • Drive Motor: 0.4 hp, 300 W
  • Productivity: 12,000-20,000 ft2/hr